More Like My Mom


our little family.

Technically I’m my father’s daughter. I’m quick to say what’s on my mind without a second thought; I won’t be late, but I sure won’t be early, and I often take control of any situation- whether it’s needed or not.

I’m outgoing, brave, creative, and logical.

My mom is thoughtful, sensitive, warm, and compassionate.

I’ve heard it so many times. I take after my father and my brother takes after my mother. While my dad and I can be brash, controlling and okay and a little hot headed, the other two are the water to our fire.

My brother’s empathy is easily traced back to days spent with my mother. My mother is the most selfless, warm hearted and caring person I know. She loves my brother and I far beyond how much she loves herself, and her constant guidance has always been something I treasure.

My brother also got my mom’s beautiful, huge, blue eyes. I’m not saying our blue eyes aren’t great, Dad, but we’re in second place.

However, I’m more like my mom than people realize.

I talk to every sales person in a store because well, we both like making friends. I’ve learned how to be a friend from my mother.

I try to  be the best friend I can be. I try to give my friends all the support, love and encouragement I’ve seen my mom give her friends (and me!) my whole life.

Sometimes, we wear similar clothing like when I saw her on Mother’s Day and we were both in a maroon top and black jeans. That’s the scary part.

I problem solve like my mother. I can brainstorm different ways to fix a problem, figure out efficiencies and work around time schedules like a pro, all because of my mom.

We both love disco, Father of the Bride, and cheese.

So while people will continue to label me a McArthur, and don’t mistake me, I am very proud to be one, I know that I am more like my mother than most know, well except my mom.

Mom’s know everything.



More than the Music: Electric Island s4e1

electric-island-16 programming

How do you celebrate the start of summer?

Growing up in Brantford sumer was marked by the opening of the most lit franchise in the 519, Dairy Queen. Okay yes, it opened for Valentine’s Day, so summer wasn’t necessarily close, but it was always a beacon in the cold winter that promised warmer days.

As I got older summer continued to be marked by the opening of DQ, the changing of my closet, the start of the NBA playoffs, and in recent years, the first migration to the island.

This season we HONOUR the start of summer by the first instalment of Electric Island Toronto.

EI- 2015 shot

Credit: Ded Pixel

This is the fourth season of the unparalleled Electric Island series and with it’s growing fan base it begs the question, WHY is it so special?

There have been some absolutely phenomenal sets played at Electric Island- The Martinez Brothers, Tale of Us, Seth Troxler, Jamie xx, Bob Moses, and Joy Orbison to name just a few.

However, I argue it’s not these world renowned musicians that make the island so special (though they help).

It’s the people. 

It’s the people who attend the concerts, pre at their friends’ place in City Place (“I live SOOOO close”), wait for the ferry, line up for a water taxi, and make the trek over. EI has created more than a stellar event for the heads of Toronto.

Electric Island has become our homecoming. It’s the gathering of all the different sub scenes and sub sub scenes seen throughout Toronto. It brings together the lovers of Coda, to the devotes of Nest, and keepers of Bambi and the dancers of Toika together.

The lovers of disco, the cravers of techno, the hipsters of house, and the ones who simply want to dance.

Electric Island is more than an event, it’s a community.

We meet for the first time on May 23rd for a (sort of) celebration of Queen Vicki but more so to welcome summer. And since summer is probably the only thing Torontonians love more than acting like they don’t care, everyone is pretty excited.

EI season opener 2016 flyer

We’re spoiled once again this year with amazing acts on for every EI. The opener will treat us to sounds by 416 favourite Jamie Jones, the great Sven Väth, and the ever techno DJ Tennis. For support, local heroes Nature of Music and Jonathan Rosa will be warming up the decks

We have the wonderful people at Platform, Embrace, and Footwork to thank for moulding this community into something so treasured.

EI - 2015 shot1

Credit: Ded Pixel


I went to Western University, so unlike those who attended Queens during my time, I know what a homecoming is and how it makes you feel. The island manages to conjure up those same feelings- ones of home, love, and belonging.

However, I can confirm the Hanlan’s Point has way better view than Concrete Beach.

I can’t wait to meet you on the island.

Stay tuned for post event coverage and see what others are saying about the island and if you need to grab tickets you can contact me at or buy online here

The Realities of My Day Dream


Painting by Erica Fueller displayed at GradEx101 2016 | OCAD University, Toronto


They drew a line. Told me not to cross. This is how things are on this side.

You stay here. Don’t go to the other side.

This is reality. This is my mother’s kiss. This is my brother’s laugh.

It’s not bad.

It’s real.

But what else?

There’s more.

The inside of my eyelids lead me in directions I’ve never been.

My eyes glaze over as my head takes me away.

Carried by a balloon. Embraced by the wind. Held by the sky.

I’m a giant.

I’m not sick.

My grandmother is at home and my best friend holds my hand.

This is my fantasy.

This is my Camelot.

This isn’t real.


Seriously, Stay Home.


We’re pretty lucky in Toronto. There is a constant cycle of great musicians thrust upon us week after week, month after month.

But for some, it’s not enough. Some want and demand more.

Some travel to Montreal regularly (SAM)  Others leave us for NYC (LAUREN), London (SERENA), LA (GRIFF), or Berlin (EMMA) forever. All craving that elite party; the party they’ll boast to their friends about for years down the line.

You know the lines…

“One time, I saw him”

“This one time she played until 9am”

“I’ve never heard a set like it since”

You’ve heard all these lines countless times. But now, it’s time to Stay Home.


My Side Project and All Blak Records are House Addict are so so thrilled to present to you Staying Home with :: Santé.

Because we don’t want you to go to Montreal for anything other than smoked meat sandwiches and the best fucking bagels on earth. We don’t want you to be tempted to leave us for London or to hear about another unforgettable time at Panorama Bar . We want to bring to bring the party home and we want it to be one you’ll never forget.

You’ll want to replay the night from start to end multiple times. So we’re doing just htat.

Supporting acts feature the best of the best Toronto has to offer, no, not the 6ix. TORONTO.  Paul Quzz and Steve Marto will be warming up the decks followed by Andrew Choe, and Jeremy Stott.

Followed by the incredible Santé who seems to be gaining thousands of new fans daily.

This is a night you’ll remember forever.

The night you chose to  Stay Home.

For more information visit the Facebook event page here.

The ticket link page here.



and if you ned a bit more convincing to Stay Home. Stay here for a bit.

I can’t wait to Stay Home with you, and Santé.



S.I.L.O Returns to Save You


Branded nights and different parties come and go in a city like Toronto. The scene is so deep and so diverse it causes constant turnover. When one party dies another one is born. *cue Lion King Circle of Life music*

But sometimes, a party isn’t quite done. It hasn’t reached it’s full potential, it hasn’t had the last drink poured, or the last song played.

This Friday, we welcome back a party that left us too soon, S.I.L.O. (Saving Individuals Like Ourselves).

Being held at a new venue (Toika) Friday night will be sure to take you back to the first time you walked down the stairs to the basement. This time there won’t be a basement, but there will be a others like you; others searching for something to hold on to; anything that can help them make sense of their perpetuating need for further fulfilment. And in this time of need we look at music to guide us. We look to baselines, and snares, and claps and maybe a soulful vocal- to help us through the night.


To curate the night, the founders of the original party have been brought together alongside some new company. The original S.I.L.O crew is joined by All Blak and MySide Project as we try to save ourselves, and you in the process. We’ll hear all our favourites on the decks- Andrew Choe, Patrick Blue, and Matias Busato.

S.I.L.O is at the core, a simple concept. It’s a party, yes. But it’s a little bit more

For those who want to be saved, who are in search of something else; feeling lost in the depths of the universe.

SILO is an accumulation of ideals, a collective of individuals vested in bringing like-minded people together upon the common ground of one thing, music.

We are here to save you.

See you Friday.




On & Off


I’m trying, okay?

I’m trying to start a career; follow my passion; be a good friend; take a few naps; see a few sunrises; eat some yam fries; do laundry and clean the bathroom in the same day; call my grandparents; find new music; appreciate art; watch all of Fight Club so I can stop being stared at weird when I tell people I haven’t seen all of Fight Club; care about my brother’s rugby; fall in love; eat fuckin vegetables; not go crazy; toss out a text to my friend who lives in London/Calgary/Banff; make a yoga class or two; listen to College Dropout; drink water; surround myself with good people; support local artisans; watch some sports; follow the news; care about politics; go to a museum,  read a fuckin book and maybe see the world, meet new friends, try new foods and learn how to sail… I mean, if there’s time.

And sometimes I think I’m doing okay. Sometimes I think I’m on the right path and everything’s going to be fine.

Then I blink and I’m lost again.

It’s such momentary sanity.


RIP Biggie Smalls



It’s been 19 years today since Christopher Wallace was gunned down after a party in LA. He had released one album (Born to Die), and his second (Life After Death) was released sixteen days after his death. He was born in Brooklyn and quickly rose as one of the best MCs in America, and eventually the world. Biggie was heavily involved in the East vs West rivalry that developed during the mid 90s and reamins heavily respected and consistently considered one of the best, if not the best rapper of all time.

While some will side with Pac, Nas, Big L, or Jay Z for the best rapper, I believe it is Biggie who takes the crown. I love hip hop, and while Pac no doubt had some shit to say, Nas’ lyrics still can’t be beat, and Jay always has flawless production, it was Biggie who was the entire package. He was able to tell stories that you wanted to be a part of. He made you sympathetic to his drug-filled and violent past. His flow maybe wasn’t as hard hitting as Tupac, and he may not have touched on such deep societal issues, but Tupac was a poet, a renaissance man- Biggie was just a boy from Brooklyn trying to make it.


Maybe that’s why I like Biggie a bit more than the rest. He was the hustler. He talked about setting his goals, what he had to do to achieve them, and how he was going to celebrate  (sip champagne when we’re thirstayyyyy). He had a flow that made you bob your head side to side. It made you vibe.

He wanted you to party to his tracks. He wanted you to stay too late at the club before the crew rolls back to someone’s place for one last drink. Biggie was a living legend and I think he knew it. I believe Biggie had an idea he was making music that people cared about and changing the music industry forever. He was right.

Christopher Wallace, you live on, baby bay-bay.